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Safety Policy

To establish and maintain a written safety policy, which spells out management's commitment towards safety and the principles that control safety and health procedures as well as maintaining the entire environmental conditions within the KPES's activities. Senior Management shall ensure that the safety policy is communicated to all employees and relevant contractors and shall establish a culture that safety and health are valued as basic and fundamental requirements for the company's business and interest.

System Requirements
An effective safety policy shall demonstrate the management's commitment towards safety and health improvement, its objectives and directions as well as including goal-setting. The safety policy shall integrate and address the following:

  • Emphasis on the importance to protect the safety health and the general well being of every employee working in Kargo Petroleum & Energy Services.
  • Accountability for the safety and health function by Top management.
  • Assignment and delegation of duty and responsibility for safety and health from the top management to the line staff.
  • Responsibility at all levels in preventing incidents or accidents.
  • Commitment of sufficient resources towards the achievement of safety, health and ensuring environmental targets and objectives.
  • The safety policy shall be signed by the President of Kargo Petroleum & Energy Services.
  • The Safety Policy shall be effectively communicated to all KPES employees and contractors.
  • The safety policy shall be reviewed at defined intervals and updated to ensure relevancy and continuous improvement .

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